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Breaking News! Multiple news stations showcase the story coming out of a hospital in San Jose, California. A newswoman is on the television, explaining the story.

"Inside this hospital, two of the beings that have been referred to as reborn gods, Hades and Persephone, along with their daughter, Lilian, we're being treated for a variety of illnesses with no indication as to how they had caught them. The symptoms became progressively worse over time despite all efforts to treat them. In interviews doctors have said that the divine couple had insisted that doctors focus their efforts on curing their daughter, while Hades himself was said to have refused treatment at times in favor of more time for doctors to aid his wife. However, things would come to a halt at midnight today. Hades was reported to have suddenly taken on a more godly form, his symptoms completely gone. His daughter Lilian also miraculously seemed cured of all symptoms. Unfortunately, the same could not have been said of Persephone, who passed away at the stroke of midnight. Onlookers said that the hospital seemed consumed by an 'aura' of darkness, unnatural to the night itself. For hours Father and Daughter refused to leave the fallen goddess' bedside. This is where we find ourselves now as the two have yet to leave the hospital. The event has attracted a large group of onlookers: Some to protest, others to express their condolences."


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