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I have something to announce that I should have mentioned long ago. Given the the recent heartaches that have occurred I was reluctant to share this as I wanted to be respectful to those in grief. I'm pregnant, at least six months along with twins.
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[He sounds uncharacteristically nervous]

Ah, Frigg? It's me. I, uh, I wanted to talk to you. Is now a good time?
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She's gone.

I don't have to look. She's gone.
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So, as the resident physician, I know you're all very concerned about these symptoms. I assume you're all having them too? Surely it can't just be me.

Unfortunately, I'm at a loss here. I can't find a workable treatment, just methods of assuaging the symptoms.

I don't think we have any choice for a cure beyond the epicenters.
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Hello, godlings.

Changes are stirring. You may need refuge. Go to your centers. They await you, ready for the next unlocking.

But bring your wits. They will not be won with brute power this time.


Feb. 10th, 2014 09:16 pm
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I don’t mean to be rude or anything but I didn't plan on starting this week by joining a new cult. I’m sure you’re all very nice people but the email tag is super sketchy and invasive. Especially with what's been going on in the news lately. This stuff is totally the last thing California needs.


This is all very odd.

How do you even deal with this anyway? I mean If one of you says “I’m Athena Goddess of War” or whatever and the next person says, “Oy, I’m Irish and my brother is the God of War so put that in your pipe and smoke it!” who even wins? How can two people, deities, be of the same thing without causing a time ripple whenever they go near each other? Or do you cause a time ripple? Is that why you have to go all google on each other instead of talking in your face places?

Sorry. I guess it’s none of my business. You all seem like very interesting people. Uh. When I'm famous this will be a really good story to tell Conan.

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I must say, godlings. You're getting entirely too complacent. Too comfortable. Even altering your powers has done little.

I think I know what you're missing. What you've been craving. A good antagonist! An excuse to fight and shed and spill blood. Need I find your oldest enemies again? Consider it done. Give them a few days before they choose to show themselves properly, but I'm sure you'll know what to do.

((Corruption will not reply further, but feel free to do some IC plotting!))


Dec. 14th, 2013 10:57 pm
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Have all the Catholics of our number submitted their surveys for the Pope? They were supposed to be distributed through the individual dioceses, and they must be submitted to the church authority by tomorrow.
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I hope everyone's having a wonderful Thanksgiving! We've spent ours with the mortal family, but...

I would really love to have all of us together for the holidays. Can I get a schedule from everyone so we can plan a time? Tyr and I would be happy to host. It's been far too long since we all came together as a family.
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Okay..I have to get this off my chest. It's been irritating me for awhile now, but I have to get this out, therapeutic and all that shit.

..Is anyone else sick and fucking tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus!?
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Not a good start to November. Though it was a pretty wild end to October. I guess time will tell if it was worth it.
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So I realized Halloween is in, like, a week. Anyone have any fun costume ideas? I'm thinking of going as a cation, with cat ears and a black shirt with a big white plus sign on it. I guess most people won't get it, but I sort of like the idea anyway.

What's everyone else thinking of dressing up as?


Oct. 16th, 2013 01:45 pm
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I hesitate to call an image 'disturbing' as the adjective generally has to do with a contradiction of beliefs more than being counter-intuitive and yet.

Has anyone else noticed strange events in the news lately? Murder is not itself.


Sep. 24th, 2013 01:10 am
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Tell me... is it uncommon to have mental disturbances with one's dreams around here? Something is decidedly amiss, and I'm not certain I quite understand the purpose behind them. Does anyone have experience with matters of this nature in relation to this place?
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Say, has anyone heard from Loki lately? He's been awfully quiet, and that's never a good sign with him...
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Hey, Frigg! Um, so, we've finally gotten settled into the new house, Bes and Alex and me. Everything's all unpacked and everything. So, anytime you want to come up is good!

Um, we've picked out some dates. Technically, we're getting married twice!
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Hi... Frigg? It's me, Erato... Do you have a little time? I could really use your help with something...


Aug. 3rd, 2013 06:29 pm
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It certainly seems that Pope Francis is making quite the reputation for himself. A lot of changes are beginning to ripple, and, truth be told, I think it's a good thing. Church thinking needs to be modernized on certain subjects. Who are we to judge God's own creations? And women certainly need to be granted more equal footing in what service they can offer, if they are willing to do so.

I suppose having a Pope from the Americas was just what Rome needs.


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