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Phone Call to Apollo

Dorian? Do you have time to talk?
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HILARIOUSLY BACKDATED. Let's just pretend he was prompt.

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Always, my dear. What do you wish to know?
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Works for me :)

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First off, is everyone okay up there? Have they recovered?
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I think so, yes. Bit of a scare we had, when even I couldn't fix things.
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I can imagine. Being wounded by the snake was hard, but this was the most helpless I've felt. Gave me a lot of time to go over my regrets.
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I'm sure we all did a lot of reflecting. So. What flashed before your eyes, love?
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A lot, but two things in particular stood out. I haven't been as much of a leader as I should be for my people and that has to change. The second..the idea of dying without having any children again.
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Isn't Sif helping you? She always seemed eager for that job.

...let me guess. You called me about the latter there?
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She has, but she shouldn't have to. It's my responsibility.

She chuckles once.

I did. Could you recommend someone to be a potential father?
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Depends. Are you looking for a husband, or just a stud?
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I was teasing you, Dorian. You know full well I think of you more highly than a "stud".

Her tone was admonishing, but gentle.

While I would like a husband, I respect you too much to force that on you.
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So, what, exactly are you wanting of me?
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I want to take you up on the offer you made me some time ago. To be the father of my child or children. I know how much you care for your children so I don't need to ask that you be they for any offspring we have.
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...And you need it now? While we're at full power?
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It would be nice if our child had the same advantages as the other children, but I understand if this is very short notice.
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...where are you?
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At my home in LA. I understand if that's an out of the way trip
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God of Nomads. I can make it faster than you.
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I..okay. As long as it's no trouble.
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Well, you're rather less likely to throw sharp objects at me for impregnating you with immortal offspring. How could I say no?
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And that got her chuckling again.

Fair enough.