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OK, after working out the clue in the basket, I'm pretty sure we need to head to the Redwood National Forest.

Partly because of this. [She links to a news story about a mysterious giant golden egg in the forest that is attracting tourist attention]


Mar. 30th, 2013 12:42 am
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OK, so... This has been rough.

Can ANYONE here hear me? Seriously? Anyone at all that can listen?

Lilith, Goliath... We've got to get to Florida. We just have to so all this will be over.
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Oh, gods.

What's the point? Of anything?

Today it rained. I was sitting on the steps as it did. I didn't even move.

This is the tenth bottle of liquor I've had today. They might as well have been filled with that same rain that fell on me.

The rain washes away. It washes our tears away into the ocean. So every time you go swimming, you're soaking in everyone's tears.

Think about that. Oh, did I ruin everyone's summertime beach fun? Well, too bad! Life isn't fair! If life was fair, roses wouldn't have thorns!

I can't. I just can't any more.
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Ladies and gentlemen,

The East Coast Greeks and I should be arriving today in Washington. I am planning a strategy meeting tonight at ten here: [Gives address information for a hotel]

If possible, I'd like us to take the mountain on Monday and be done with all this.
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Thought I'd see how you are. I apologize in advance if I'm shitty to you at all.
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Um hi? Your Daddy's friends right? The people at the otherplace. Daddy needs help. Daddy's not Daddy.
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We have to get to the epicenter. Hel and I found it, but we need to get in before this gets worse.


Mar. 21st, 2013 11:12 pm
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I screamed at an old woman yesterday because she couldn't figure out the self-checkout at the store. I also got into a fight with a woman on the bus this morning because she was talking so loud on her goddamned cell phone that I couldn't hear myself think. Work wasn't any better. Never have I had it out with my boss over something so stupid--

He was amazed. And sent me home. I can't afford to be sent home! If this keeps up, I'll be out in the goddamned street

We have to figure this out. Now.
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Gentlemen. I'm aware my sister is missing. We need to get inside the epicenter as soon as possible. When are you planning to arrive?

And don't forget the Wadjet. This will all be pointless without it.


Mar. 21st, 2013 02:41 pm
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So... Is there... something we're supposed to be doing?
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Still working with Trident to make this possible.

Can't breathe air. Athena lost her mind. Trying to figure out how to manage dry for more than a couple minutes.

More later.
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[He half expects an answering machine and he knows that he really should be trying to make his way downstairs to meet Tyler since it might take three times as long in his current state - if he's lucky - but he can't go without trying. He has already thrown some clothing, a toothbrush, and a notebook with long lists of ideas and scribbles gleaned from his interview with the botanica owner and his own research - all of it scattered into a bag messily. He has added another band-aid to his left hand. He is also constantly apologizing to poor Simba.]

Erato? Sweetheart, if you're there and can, pick up. If not, please be careful. Take care of yourself and call my cell phone if you need me.
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[Phone Call to Bres: 7am]

[She sounds so not like herself. Freaked out. Panicked. And her teeth are actually chattering.]
Bres? Bres?! Oh my god, are you okay? What did that bitch do to you? Fuck! It's FREEZING IN HERE!

[Phone Call to Ogma: Immediately after the first has ended.]

[Maybe not AS panicked as before, but certainly stressed.]
Alan? Hey, are you okay? Is Lilith okay? Is Cian okay? Tell me Cian is okay.

[Phone Call to Arthur: After THAT one is over.]

[It just rings and rings. She is freaking out.]
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[Bes is having trouble keeping his hands still, far too used to tapping out beats or doodling lines of music, but his hands already sport three band-aids thanks to such actions and he keeps one hand firmly pinned under his thigh while the other clutches the receiver.]

Hello? Seth? We have got to get this fixed. We can't let whatever it is keep Astarte. She's ours and Meri needs her and... This sucks.
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Who the hell eats a salad and breaks out in hives--not to mention the fact I feel like my face has been stuffed with socks and hit with a 2x4...

The fuck...


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