Dec. 23rd, 2013 01:27 am
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[Filter: Celts]

Check in, everyone. Now. I need your statuses immediately.

[Action for Puck]

[For Puck, Mab does not use a phone or the computer. She simply goes to his apartment. She has a key and she walks right inside as if she owns the place. Because she does.]

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I will make this brief. I do not know whom you people believe you are, but know this: I have influential friends, substantial resources, and a vindictive streak a mile wide. I will find you and will find a way to make you suffer for this bothersome inconvenience if you do not cease immediately. Consider this your only warning.
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Well, if you wanted to get my attention, you sure picked an annoying interesting way of doing it. Can the emails stop now? My poor inbox thanks you.

No love,
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Circumstances have arisen, godlings. I need you up to the challenge.

Shadows have moved and struck in the dark. We were unable to catch them before it was too late. The ones responsible are known as the Sluagh. This was not our doing, and we will exact our punishments, of that you can be certain.

The realm beyond the Veil is not one we touch, however. The Courtly Queens must lead this chase. You do not need me to tell how vitally important is that we get them all back. Do not lose yourselves in the process.
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So can someone tell me what this is all about? It better not be some kind of vacation condo timeshare thing again, because if it is I'm sorry but you've got the wrong guy.

I'm Chance, by the way. Anyone know what's going on here?
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Hello, everyone in cyberspace! I finally got fed up with deleting these emails from my account and here I am, complete with new anti-virus software just in case this isn't kosher. I hope it's legitimate, though. Such insistent emails just simply have to mean something important and big is going on.

So what is it? A party? A pyramid scheme? Human trafficking? Coupons? Cyber-orgy? ;)

I suppose I should do the customary Getting To Know You thing, too. My name is Misha, I'm an actress in NYC, I'm a Taurus, and I like hot fudge sundaes, rose gardens, and romantic comedies.
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Hello, love.

Say, would you happen to know what's going on with Arthur? I can't seem to get a hold of him all of a sudden.
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[Phone Call to Bres: 7am]

[She sounds so not like herself. Freaked out. Panicked. And her teeth are actually chattering.]
Bres? Bres?! Oh my god, are you okay? What did that bitch do to you? Fuck! It's FREEZING IN HERE!

[Phone Call to Ogma: Immediately after the first has ended.]

[Maybe not AS panicked as before, but certainly stressed.]
Alan? Hey, are you okay? Is Lilith okay? Is Cian okay? Tell me Cian is okay.

[Phone Call to Arthur: After THAT one is over.]

[It just rings and rings. She is freaking out.]
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Well... Thought you'd want to be the first ones outside the family to know...

Looks like I'm about to be a father of four. Cian got his wish. He'll be a big brother sometime in September. He's thrilled. So is Lilith. And I couldn't be prouder.
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[The news was..simply incredible. He hadn't even thought about it really. He called Mab first.]


Nov. 30th, 2012 12:51 am
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Okay, what in the blue hell is this shit? I was looking at a sweet bike online when this thing came on.
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Home again, home again.

With that being said, we should discuss who will be representing us on this joint-pantheon search.
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[It was the true New Year, so Mab had stayed awake to honor it. Not that it was a hardship for her. Her time was the night. Then the house had done something slightly... disconcerting. At midnight, it changed. As she was descending the large double staircase, the house took on a decidedly run down appearance. The lights flickered and the once silent steps began to creek under her feet.

She stopped to puzzle over the change. that's when she realized she felt suddenly almost imperceptibly lighter. She glanced down to find herself wearing not her smart business chic attire, but a delicate, yet intricate creation of what she recognized as spider's silk and the softness of thistle down.

Her lips pursed. She had just about had it with the surprises her hosts were dropping on her head. And a colorful swear came out of her mouth, in Gaelic.

Téigh trasna ort féin!
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Ah... Queen Mab? I'd like to arrange for an audience with you and the rest of your pantheon as soon as is convenient.
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[She awoke slowly, and when her consciousness was at the surface her eyes snapped open. She sat up, not rushed, but most definitely with a sense of urgency.

This was not her bed. This was not her room. And the person laying beside her was most assuredly not her cat. She wasn't one to overindulge, so how had she been transported to such unfamiliar surroundings?

She cast off the covers and stood, crossing around the bed to the side her uninvited bed partner slept on. Her elegant pale blue nightgown fell to just above her mid-thigh, as she crossed her arms and looked down at the sleeping woman.

Wake up.
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Saturday, my companions. With the exclusion of Arthur, as per his request, I have sent each of you your itineraries and confirmation numbers. You will be flying first class. There will be transportation awaiting you when you arrive. We shall be utilizing my family's villa. There is plenty of space. Though if anyone desires to arrange for other accommodations then that is your decision.

Pack for at least a week.
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Those who intend to travel to Ireland make yourselves known here. Summer is drawing to a close and that does have an effect on availability. Sooner is preferable to later.
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Hello, Godlings. Have you all been playing nicely together? I do hope so. You'll need to.

You've done well otherwise so far. Finding your lost treasures. But those won't be enough. There is more to find.

[Filter: Celts]
A secret has been lost in Eire, and it sings where the living voices went silent.

[Filter: Egyptians]
Once your blood ran through the veins of kings, and their power remains there buried. Find it, and it is yours again.

[Filter: Greeks]
Westward where the son of Troy, and the children of Venus and Mars brought forth their power, a piece remains.

[Filter: Hindu]
Far in the East, near where warriors come forth from the earth, a touch of power remains. Its music can make you dance again.

[Filter: Judeo-Christians]
You must seek the song in the wilderness again to find the lost power, far to the Devil's own continent.

[Filter: Norse]
The mountains hold secrets again, high in the clouds, but you must go south to seek the power that was lost. It sings in the shadow of the lost city.


Remember. You must strike while the time is hot. Let it grow cool, and it may slip through your fingers.


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