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Hmmm. I'm curious of something. So I will use your calendar this time instead of mine.

Sleep, little godlings. If you really care about your place in this world, fight your ways back to yourselves. Otherwise... you'll be just like the others. Until next time.

[[Upon reading this, all godlings and nextgens will lose their powers and divine memories. But, they can fight back/feel something isn't right/get triggered to bring it all back. Can use this post or make your own for any reawakenings.]]
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I have something to announce that I should have mentioned long ago. Given the the recent heartaches that have occurred I was reluctant to share this as I wanted to be respectful to those in grief. I'm pregnant, at least six months along with twins.
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[He sounds uncharacteristically nervous]

Ah, Frigg? It's me. I, uh, I wanted to talk to you. Is now a good time?
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She's gone.

I don't have to look. She's gone.
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I'm sorry the notice is a little short here, seeing as many of you are or have been patients of mine, but I'm leaving the country for a few weeks. I'll be heading to West Africa to aid in the Ebola crisis.

Don't worry about me, it can't harm me. But I will have to go through a 21-day observation period before I can be readmitted into the United States. I hope to be back before Christmas, however. At least by January. I'll check in when I can.

For those of you who are patients of mine... I would be happy to issue you referrals to ensure your care remains in good hands. You only need to ask.
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So, fellow American citizens, Election Day is tomorrow.

I realize a lot of you might not feel vested in the midterms, but it will make a difference for us. He's waiting until after the election tally in order to see what he might be looking at in terms of support, but the Chief of Staff is wanting to ask for additional R&D funding for the Pentagon. Weapons R&D. To use against us. Now that word has gotten out that we can be killed, well... It's bad news if it gets approved.

Please take a few minutes to be sure of your candidates' positions on godlings before you cast your ballots.
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Has anyone heard from Mab at all? I've tried her work and cell numbers. I even called her mother. No one's seen her.
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{On October 19 a mysterious Facebook account appears and delivers a message, but not too long after being setup, the account is closed. This is what it said:}

I wanted complete anonymity after the events of my wife's death, but I could not find it in me to ignore those who sent their condolences to me and my daughter after the tragedy. For all those mortals who denigrate, fear, and hate my kind, there are those with true, benevolent spirits, and this was shown to me in my darkest hour. Your well-wishes to my daughter and I have given us hope for the future. For that, I thank you. This will be my one and only message, and I wanted it to be one of goodwill. Those who once lived in the San Francisco area will likely note that my family is no longer there. We're moving to a new place to begin a fresh start. I wish you good people well.

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OK, so... Has anyone been following the whole GamerGate fiasco? For anyone not up to speed, they're a legit hate group that started online, and is threatening women in the gaming industry and gaming press with rape and death threats, among other things. It's not good. And they're not going away just yet.

I don't really know how, but the bastards found me. I keep getting harassing emails. They've at least doxxed where I work, but I don't know if they have my home address or not.

...and I don't know how, but they know I'm a godling. It's... it's really ugly, guys. I don't want to give up my job or have to move, but... I'm getting worried.
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Hey, it's me. It's been a while, I know.
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[My plane gets in at 10:45 in the morning. I'll just meet you at the office.]

[I have some weird layover in Chicago.]
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Okay..what the fuck is with this Iggy Azalea chick? I mean this whiter than white Aussie comes over here..and proceeds to rap like every other female rapper I've heard. I mean..why is this a big deal to people? So she wants to be a female Vanilla Ice..yay? Sheesh, America.

I mean what do you guys think? Am I being annoyed over nothing?
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So, um...

I got a scholarship. I'm moving to Denver. We could all use a change.
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Afer watching the news and hearing about the deaths of Persephone and Astarte, Hephaestus put in a panicked phone call to Titania. He didn't even stop to think about his own return to godhood as he quickly dialed her number.

Misha? Misha are you!? It's Henry! Are you okay!? He asked as her machine came on.
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While Bes is ashamed to admit to himself, let alone anyone else, that he had not called his East Coast faux family since the strange sickness, he is quick to pick up the phone once the news story hits. His own illness coupled with that of his young bride plus two small children... Well, he could be forgiven from being distracted. He, however, won't forgive himself.

So he picks up the phone and takes it to a quiet room in the small house he and Erato share with their sons and, as he waits for the phone to pick up, he paces... And mutters to himself.

C'mon. Oh, sweet God above, c'mon. Answer. Please...


Jun. 22nd, 2014 02:33 pm
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Okay. You can say I'm being stupid or, like, paranoid or whatever. But I feel awesome and people are dying. If I'm a goddesses I'm a goddess.

So everybody needs to eat my apples right now. Tell me where you live already.
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Breaking News! Not too long after the story regarding the death of Persephone, another story breaks out in New York.

A man appears to cover an increasingly tense situation, as a sandstorm blew behind him, showcasing an estate that was effectively surrounded by strong winds and newly arid desert. "Fashion mogul Aldo Fizzini, known to the world as the reborn god, Seth, had commissioned a number of docotrs, as well as independently buying medicinal equipment, so that he and his live-in girlfriend, his fellow goddess, Astarte, and their daughter, Meriset, could be treated privately at their home. Similar to the situation in San Jose, the Fizzini family was stricken by a series of terrible ailments. At midnight Seth and Meriset had recovered, but Astarte passed away from the illness. Unlike the stoic sadness expressed by Hades in New York, it was said Seth's howls of rage could be heard all the way to New York City itself. According to staff who work in the Fizzini home, they were all told to leave immediately, save for Seth's daughter, and his aide, one Tyler Briggs. Soon afterward a powerful sandstorm seemed to form out of nowhere and surround the Fizzini estate, effectively turning the surrounding terrain into a desert. So far no one has been able to penetrate the sharp winds, but notably it has not spread beyond the borders of the compound. We will keep you posted on this ongoing situation."
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Breaking News! Multiple news stations showcase the story coming out of a hospital in San Jose, California. A newswoman is on the television, explaining the story.

"Inside this hospital, two of the beings that have been referred to as reborn gods, Hades and Persephone, along with their daughter, Lilian, we're being treated for a variety of illnesses with no indication as to how they had caught them. The symptoms became progressively worse over time despite all efforts to treat them. In interviews doctors have said that the divine couple had insisted that doctors focus their efforts on curing their daughter, while Hades himself was said to have refused treatment at times in favor of more time for doctors to aid his wife. However, things would come to a halt at midnight today. Hades was reported to have suddenly taken on a more godly form, his symptoms completely gone. His daughter Lilian also miraculously seemed cured of all symptoms. Unfortunately, the same could not have been said of Persephone, who passed away at the stroke of midnight. Onlookers said that the hospital seemed consumed by an 'aura' of darkness, unnatural to the night itself. For hours Father and Daughter refused to leave the fallen goddess' bedside. This is where we find ourselves now as the two have yet to leave the hospital. The event has attracted a large group of onlookers: Some to protest, others to express their condolences."


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