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[Celeste had been eating breakfast with her roommate at dawn, chatting about nothing in particular when the sun rose over the mountain. She didn't even notice the sudden rush of power among the sudden rush of memory.

"Celeste? Celeste!"

She'd spilled her coffee and had nearly fallen face-down in her cereal bow -- her roommate had made a save to keep her upright. For that matter, she hadn't heard her name… at least not as

That actually scared her. Deep down, Celeste had suspected that one reason she couldn't fully remember being Urania -- or Layla, Pacal, Viola or Estelle -- was because she was afraid of surrendering who Celeste was to some goddess. That divinity and who knew how many centuries of memories would overwrite two decades that were hers dammit.


She had classes, and work, and couldn't leave those. She had to tell her roommate something, since she'd seen the transformation, dammit all, but she hoped she could pass the new hair, the new clothing, the… whatever it was, aura that caused people to stare at her and notice -- as some kind of new look.

She hadn't counted on the fact it wasn't just her. The other grad students, the undergrads… even the faculty just gave her a look when she tried to explain things. She didn't get it until someone told her to log onto CNN.

"Jesus Haploid Christ," she muttered. Somehow being a god herself didn't make the oath any weirder than when she was an atheist. "Don't you guys know the meaning of the word 'subtlety'?" Evidently not -- then again, suddenly-personal memories made it clear that yeah, this was to be expected.


In the end, she'd just repeated the same thing: 'I'm still trying to figure this out'. Which she was. She printed off a Spiderman meme while she thought: it wasn't like there was many people around to complain about using the color printer for personal things. 'With great power, comes great responsibility.'

She'd also changed her computer wallpaper to the emblem of Barbara Gordon. Somehow 'Oracle' seemed like an appropriate theme.
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[Chelsea felt the ground shake beneath her when she got out of bed. It was a surge of power coming off in waves as she padded on the hardwood floors toward her father's room. When he slapped open the door she suddenly felt compelled to fall to her knees. There were tears in her eyes because there was something truly magnificent about his stormy blue eyes. It comforted her and frightened her at the same time.

"Father?" she said in a shaky voice, standing once again. She expected him to slap her away, but instead his arm stood around her as if she were a Queen.

Even more amazing was the way the waters bent at his voice when they neared out of the apartment and near the harbor. It was the first time the girl could actually hear it. The ocean's voice was soft, soothing, luring like a hook to a fish. Poseidon was their net, swinging it in whatever direction he chose. It could turn cold and vicious in an an instant. It was that very surge that had the mortals frightened. The clouds overhead were dark, the ocean swirled in a sickly spiral, as if a tsunami could catastrophically collapse against the city at any moment.

Also, within that water was a call from something else immortal. Triton had an army and it was thundering against the waves.

Chelsea looked up to her father, a beam of pride over her face. He was nothing like books and statues depicted with a graying beard. He was massive in his gaze, mysterious and dark. The silhouette
of a god that men feared.
As the rain slapped against her face, the ocean churning beneath, she whispered his name in awe.]
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[That morning waking out of the barracks, Achilles felt his strength raise again. Not his mortal strength, but that of the demi-god he'd always been nestled under this mortal body for decades. Now he stood with a grace and power that none of his fellow soliders could understand. It was almost as if he glowed in the bright sun-light. His hair was golden, his skin a light bronze. The heel that Paris had used to bring him down was no longer sore or tender. It was sturdy.

His soldiers found themselves following him into a magnificent roar of voices, their fists pounding against their chests chanting a name they didn't know him by. 

"Achilles. Achilles. Achilles!"

One soldier that had missed his early morning cue came outside to the chant, confused by the scene and his Leuitenant. 


"No," Achilles said, his voice serious and forceful. "I am Achilles. Son of Peleus."

Confusing as it may be, it was still a name that many a soldier knew. Achilles was the song of grief, a valiant soldier of war that throughout the ages they would always relate to.]


Mar. 20th, 2012 10:27 pm
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[Getting up before dawn was normal for Triton. No surprises there. But, as dawn broke and he could feel his immortality returning... He knew today was the day. The day to make his mark. The day to prepare an army to present to his father.

Of course, he could not demonstrate his full power on land. He needed to get to open water. He roused his housemates, though: "Get up. Now. And follow me."

"Murphy...? What gives?" one mumbled sleepily before getting a good look at the sea-prince. "...oh, holy shit... Murphy...?"

"Don't ask questions. I'll explain it shortly," Triton said crisply.

Soon, he had a whole phalanx of fraternity brothers and curious onlookers as he headed for the river where the crew team practiced. No sooner had he dived into the water, when the gills opened on the side of his neck, and his legs became a fish tail once again, to the shock of everyone.

"Many of you know me as Boden Murphy. The name my mortal mother gave me. In truth, I am more than that. I am Triton. Son of Poseidon. Prince of the Sea Kingdoms and Lieutenant of the Ocean Army," he announced, his voice carrying through the air. "The gods are alive again, and we walk among you. But not all is peaceful. War is coming. We will need to fight. My father, Poseidon, is among those returned, and he deserves to lead and win. Follow me into battle, and you will assure our victory!"

The mortals were dumbstruck, but Triton's powers were in full force. Soon, a chant rose among them: "Triton! Triton!" The sea-prince smiled. His army had been born.
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[Something had called him back to Brooklyn. It wasn't a clear voice, or even a compulsion-- but after all the holiday weirdness, something in him wanted to see how things looked where he'd come from. Besides, he'd been curious for a while to see how the old bar was getting along.

And so it came to pass that Dionysus found himself squatting on the sidewalk, an unattended laptop open in front of him, as he read the cryptic note on the messageboard. He puzzled over it briefly-- but the first rays of sun brought illumination in several meanings.

He stretched in the sunlight, his clothes falling away, and found a wreath of grape leaves in his hand. Catching his reflection in a window, he put the wreath on his head, settling it just right, and grinned like a lunatic.

THIS was more like it.

There were things to do, scores to settle, of course-- but the important things had to be done first. He strode into Gambrinus' Hole, pushing the doors wide open like a cowboy in a western; even at sunrise, the place had its share of loafers, drunks, artists, and misfits.

He spread his arms wide, and in a voice rich with power, said "Free your minds, and your asses will follow." With a magician's pass, his hands were full of cups of wine, which he handed to everyone who walked up to him.

Leading his half-formed parade out into the street, he passed by the laptop on the sidewalk. Yes, he had things to do, but he couldn't resist a messageboard post: A crudely drawn, crudely grinning figure, followed by a single line of text.]

u mad bros?
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[As the sun rose over the city of Chicago, ice descended. From her tower penthouse, Winter's dominion flowed. Ice coated buildings, cars and streets. Clouds filled the sky and let loose with a blizzard unlike any the city had seen before.

There were accidents, of course. The homeless stood no chance on the street. Power lines gave out under the weight of heavy ice. Casualties of the sudden burst of Winter's power. But more care and control was asserted after an hour or so. Blizzard conditions eased to a steady, heavy snowfall that no amount of salt or plowing seemed to diminish.

Half the city was in utter darkness, even as the sun climbed higher. The other half was scrambling to patch the damage, save lives. But only she could repair what had been so easily broken in time to truly make a difference.

She ordered them to convene at City Hall, all those who's power she desired to wield. They obeyed with surprising alacrity. But, ah, they thought to trap her. Thinking her some kind of simple terrorist. She disabused that thought when she encased the SWAT team in their own, individual blocks of ice.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen. Let us get down to business." She smiled a cold wicked smile. "Who would like power restored to this city?"

In only a few short hours, she had her desired bargains struck. Power was restored to the areas that had black outs, almost like magic. Though the Weather Alert stations all continued to warn against travel, as the snow and ice showed no sign of letting up just yet. And it wasn't even noon.
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Radio Station, New York City

"...and spring is definitely in the air. Unseasonably warm temperatures, plants bursting into bloom. Possible storms on the horizon, though. But the city is nearly shut down. Police are dealing with nearly constant reports of public lewdness and disturbances of the peace..."

News, Las Vegas, Nevada

"...reports of a four-armed black woman, terrorizing citizens. No one has been hurt, but the property damage is significant. Scholars at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas are claiming she fits the description of the Hindu goddess Kali. Some are claiming it is a second coming, of sorts, or even the end of the world..."

Radio Station, Chicago

"Well, so much for the first day of spring! Temperatures are well below normal for this time of year, so make sure you're bundled up. No major storm systems have been detected on radar, but there is a possibility of snow later today..."


Mar. 20th, 2012 10:24 am
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[Phone Call to Seth]

Heeeeeey. Seth. Question for you. What is the best way to get your friend's attention? You know which one I mean.


Mar. 20th, 2012 10:14 am
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[When Ciara woke up that morning, things had started off normally enough. She wasn't even thinking about the stupid message. She just practiced with her punching bag... until she realized she was punching it with two extra hands.

She looked in the nearest mirror. She was a black woman, yes, but now her skin was LITERALLY black. Her eyes blazed, and she caught the sight of fangs when she gasped. Not to mention the two new arms. She was dressed in a leopard skin--and decidedly missing some of her favorite accessories. And fuck it if she were going to stand for that.

The necklace was in the city. Part of a traveling exhibit. Not for long. She burst into the street, not caring about the people who screamed or ran or that she had to shove out of her path. She headed straight for where the exhibit was, and smashed the case holding the necklace of skulls.

"MINE," she announced, before putting it on in front of the throngs of terrified people. She smiled to herself. She had just shaken up the entire city that had seen her. Well, Vegas was a good-sized place. More people needed their worldview changed.

At one point, a woman in cat form--Seth's friend, wasn't she?--came out and asked her to stop terrorizing the citizens. Kali snorted. What good would THAT do for all these mortals? She ignored the cat, and, though she didn't hurt anyone, she did break more than a few things in her path...


Mar. 20th, 2012 12:57 am
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I'm sending this from work. I was on shift at dawn, and the patients are okay, and I'm /okay/, but ... that tattered dress of mine? The old one, with the torn cape and the rusted matron-brooches? I'm wearing it. And... I can't change back into my scrubs. It won't let me? So my patients need me, so I'm going to go back to work, but if anyone has suggestions, please let me know.


Mar. 20th, 2012 12:11 am
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[Spring break was a lovely thing. Erato was back home in Olympia for the time being. She didn't usually get up too early, but as the sun was rising, she just felt... energized somehow. Sliding out of bed, she almost didn't notice the change in her clothing until she glanced in the mirror and gasped. A shimmering chiton. Her golden curls wreathed in red roses. So this was what the message had meant. She was a goddess once more.

She didn't know how to face her family in this, but she supposed she had no choice. Her parents gaped as she walked in for breakfast.

"Amanda..." her mother breathed softly.

Erato sighed. "It's time you knew, I guess. I'm really the reincarnated Erato. Muse of lyric love poetry and mimic imitation. Explains a lot, doesn't it?" she asked with a faint chuckle. Her parents just continued to stare at her. Erato awkwardly looked at the food in the pantry. Suddenly, cereal just didn't sound appealing.

She turned to her parents.
"There's something I need to do. I promise I'll come home again by tomorrow. Don't worry. I'm immortal today. Nothing can hurt me," she told them gently, and then headed out the door... and straight for Fort Lewis.


Mar. 20th, 2012 12:02 am
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[After her birthday celebration, Esther is getting ready for another day of work, not really thinking about things until the sun comes up...]

What?! What is this? What has happened to my clothes?! I can't go to work like this today! No one is going to take me seriously dressed as a Persian courtesan!

[Text to Lilith]
Ebony! Need another girl with me on this. Get back to me when you can.
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Hello, godlings. Have you missed us?

I am pleased at how well your progress is coming along. Some of you know where you must go. Some of you have even acquired your first artifacts. There is more to be done, of course, but I am pleased thus far. Soon, you will not need to hide behind your current shells.

That does, however, beg a question. Can you be trusted to be yourselves again? Can the world be trusted to handle you? There is only one way to find out.

Your test begins at sunrise tomorrow, on the Equinox. It ends at sunrise the next day. We will be watching you.


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