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So, um...

I got a scholarship. I'm moving to Denver. We could all use a change.
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I must say, godlings. You're getting entirely too complacent. Too comfortable. Even altering your powers has done little.

I think I know what you're missing. What you've been craving. A good antagonist! An excuse to fight and shed and spill blood. Need I find your oldest enemies again? Consider it done. Give them a few days before they choose to show themselves properly, but I'm sure you'll know what to do.

((Corruption will not reply further, but feel free to do some IC plotting!))


Oct. 5th, 2013 11:28 pm
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Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I'm ready to run initial beta tests on the combat simulator. Anyone up for being my guinea pigs?
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Say, has anyone heard from Loki lately? He's been awfully quiet, and that's never a good sign with him...
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So, that little stunt that put us in FaeLand just cost me the job I've had for seven years.

I'm going to eat the carton of ice cream in my freezer, sleep, then look for a job in the morning. Or whenever I decide to get up. So much for moving up in the world.
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Just a general FYI:

I'm going to be moving to New Orleans in a couple of weeks. Anybody in Cali up for a going away dinner?
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Circumstances have arisen, godlings. I need you up to the challenge.

Shadows have moved and struck in the dark. We were unable to catch them before it was too late. The ones responsible are known as the Sluagh. This was not our doing, and we will exact our punishments, of that you can be certain.

The realm beyond the Veil is not one we touch, however. The Courtly Queens must lead this chase. You do not need me to tell how vitally important is that we get them all back. Do not lose yourselves in the process.
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We have to get to the epicenter. Hel and I found it, but we need to get in before this gets worse.
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Who the hell eats a salad and breaks out in hives--not to mention the fact I feel like my face has been stuffed with socks and hit with a 2x4...

The fuck...
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Sean? It's Kevin. I need to talk to you when you get a chance.
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So, I should begin looking for our place. Though I'm not sure where I should start.
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Funny how 'friends' abandon you when weird/bad shit happens Tomorrow's my birthday. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to feel about it.
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Spam blocker, my ass Not entirely sure I should be posting on a message board that an email with the aura of a Hitchcock film surrounding it sent me to, but I'm kind of afraid of what will happen if I don't. wouldn't be the first What is this all about?
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Hello, Godlings. Have you all been playing nicely together? I do hope so. You'll need to.

You've done well otherwise so far. Finding your lost treasures. But those won't be enough. There is more to find.

[Filter: Celts]
A secret has been lost in Eire, and it sings where the living voices went silent.

[Filter: Egyptians]
Once your blood ran through the veins of kings, and their power remains there buried. Find it, and it is yours again.

[Filter: Greeks]
Westward where the son of Troy, and the children of Venus and Mars brought forth their power, a piece remains.

[Filter: Hindu]
Far in the East, near where warriors come forth from the earth, a touch of power remains. Its music can make you dance again.

[Filter: Judeo-Christians]
You must seek the song in the wilderness again to find the lost power, far to the Devil's own continent.

[Filter: Norse]
The mountains hold secrets again, high in the clouds, but you must go south to seek the power that was lost. It sings in the shadow of the lost city.


Remember. You must strike while the time is hot. Let it grow cool, and it may slip through your fingers.


Jun. 11th, 2012 08:04 pm
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Seems all I hear about these days are those Norse apes. Your pictures are all over the place. Hadn't seen the movie yet. Was it any good?

Triton, think you can babysit for a few days? Though, I'm hardly going to give you an option one way or the other. Chelsea thinks she's old enough to date. Daughter of a raging sea god, you think she'd learn. There's no such thing as dating.


May. 29th, 2012 08:04 am
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[Text to Tyr]

Sweetheart? Dying for some sauerkraut. Do me a favor and pick some up while you're out? I'll grill some bratwurst to go with it, but I NEED KRAUT.

[Text to Sigyn]

Hey... You feel up to a barbecue?


May. 22nd, 2012 05:08 pm
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[Filter: Norse]

Just think! It's exactly one month until the wedding! I'm so excited.

What all isn't accounted for? We've gotten most of the RSVPs, so the caterer is just waiting for a headcount, I think. My assistants know what to do for the cake--I've got everything for it on a special reserve. All the dresses and suits and everything are taken care of... I'm pretty sure the florist has everything ready except the arrival of the flowers themselves... The sites are reserved, the officiator has us down...

Is there anything we're missing?
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Hello, godlings. Have you missed us?

I am pleased at how well your progress is coming along. Some of you know where you must go. Some of you have even acquired your first artifacts. There is more to be done, of course, but I am pleased thus far. Soon, you will not need to hide behind your current shells.

That does, however, beg a question. Can you be trusted to be yourselves again? Can the world be trusted to handle you? There is only one way to find out.

Your test begins at sunrise tomorrow, on the Equinox. It ends at sunrise the next day. We will be watching you.


Mar. 13th, 2012 02:43 am
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So, okay, I'm posting this during my planning period (I teach English to high school students), but I did get the email inviting me here.

My name is Alan Cleary--"Big Al," if you like--and, like I said, I'm a teacher. I also have two awesome kids, my son Devin, who is 16 and one of my students, and my daughter Harper, who's 11.

What's this place all about?


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