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Uh... Lilith? I know he has a habit of keeping to himself, but... seriously, I haven't seen Max all day. Not even to eat. Have you?
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[It was the true New Year, so Mab had stayed awake to honor it. Not that it was a hardship for her. Her time was the night. Then the house had done something slightly... disconcerting. At midnight, it changed. As she was descending the large double staircase, the house took on a decidedly run down appearance. The lights flickered and the once silent steps began to creek under her feet.

She stopped to puzzle over the change. that's when she realized she felt suddenly almost imperceptibly lighter. She glanced down to find herself wearing not her smart business chic attire, but a delicate, yet intricate creation of what she recognized as spider's silk and the softness of thistle down.

Her lips pursed. She had just about had it with the surprises her hosts were dropping on her head. And a colorful swear came out of her mouth, in Gaelic.

Téigh trasna ort féin!
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Attention, everyone! And I do mean everyone!

As lovely as this place is, it really is time we were headed home. Everyone, please be sure to meet in the dining room for lunch this Friday the 2nd. After we eat, we all discuss strategy and finalize our plans.

Thank you!
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Looks like someone remembered my birthday. Do I dare accept gifts from strange deities?


Oct. 25th, 2012 08:56 pm
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Oh, I feel like I'm missing so much school. :| I can't even e-mail my professors or anything. Blah. I hope I can get around to making it all up.

And, and it's almost Halloween. :x My sweet tooth has been really bad lately. I mean, if it's sweet, it's in my mouth, no joke. Lately I've been making myself hot apple cider, and it's actually really, really good. If anyone wants to try some, I'd be happy to share!
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Ah... Queen Mab? I'd like to arrange for an audience with you and the rest of your pantheon as soon as is convenient.
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So, Athena...

You never did say. How did things go with Triton?
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ladies, i do hate to be a bother, but there m i g h t be some things that we need to be discussing, as we're fucking stuck here.

group -sex meeting? lsfefsg; fml.

also, we have weed. weed.


find anything else interesting laying around, lately?
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Asclepius, I'd like to schedule an appointment..two in fact.
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Excuse me, you're an engineer, correct? I was wondering if I might put your innovation skills to work, please.
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You know, I think my favorite thing about being here so far is the bed in my room. :D It's so warm. And soft.

It's kind of like what I sleep in at home, only...kind of bigger than I'm used to. :x I do sort of miss being home, though. I hope someone's feeding my bunny.
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Seeing as we're here for an unknown quantity of time, I'd like to just ensure everyone is doing well. I'd be happy to oversee the prenatal care for our expecting mothers (and, fathers, you are welcome to be present for the examinations if you wish). In fact, I'd like to get routine checkups in for all of you this week, if possible.

And anyone else with residual injuries and scars from the unfortunate attacks... I'll be happy to assist with that as well.

Sigyn, if you wil be my assistant, I'd be most appreciative.
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[She turned over, trying to get comfortable. Her feet bumped into a leg, and she grumbled. She flung her leg over the other pair, and snuggled closer to the body they were attached to. Her hand landed on a hip, her cheek nuzzled for a comfortable place on a shoulder.

Wait a second...

She was pretty sure she'd gone to bed alone.

She cracked open one eye.

Huh. Definitely hadn't gotten drunk enough to end up in bed with a woman.

Hmm. Ah, hello?
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[Ganymede had woken up feeling surprisingly comforted by something very soft, very warm, and very fluffy. The floor was cold when his feet had finally touched it, but he eventually adjusted himself to the temperature. It was unusual, but he was okay, and Lethe was okay, curling around his bare ankles and twitching her tail as he ventured out of the room, to try to figure out exactly where he was. Dressed in a slightly oversized t-shirt, and boxer shorts that barely hit him mid-thigh, he carried his kitten with him out into the hallway, and peeked around for anyone else.]

Hallo? [He sounds a little lost.]
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[She refused to panic, but waking up in a room that wasn't hers had her a bit on edge. She listens at the door for a moment but didn't hear anything.

Not one to sit around and wait, she opens the door and steps out into the hallway. Being in her pajamas (just a tank top and sleep shorts), her bare feet make no noise as she walks down the hall.
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i understand waking up and not remembering where you are,

but this is a little ridiculous.

[.ynnuf leef i]

huh. you both all alive?

i'm looooosing my miiiiiiiind, aren't iiiiiii?
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[She awoke slowly, and when her consciousness was at the surface her eyes snapped open. She sat up, not rushed, but most definitely with a sense of urgency.

This was not her bed. This was not her room. And the person laying beside her was most assuredly not her cat. She wasn't one to overindulge, so how had she been transported to such unfamiliar surroundings?

She cast off the covers and stood, crossing around the bed to the side her uninvited bed partner slept on. Her elegant pale blue nightgown fell to just above her mid-thigh, as she crossed her arms and looked down at the sleeping woman.

Wake up.


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